Maladaptive Daydream


Maladaptive Daydream


Lead: Ronove
Genre: Visual Novel

Premise: Maddox lives in a small attic above the church and he has no idea what to do. Unfortunate circumstances has led him here and Pastor Joshua, the only one who knows Maddox lives in the attic, has given him refuge so Maddox can figure it all out. With nary an idea what to do, Maddox daydreams his days away to fight off the thoughts of the malady that plagues him. How long, however, will it be before his thoughts finally catch up to him?

Maladaptive Daydream is a blend of kinetic novel and adventure game and it is up to you to guide Maddox through his daydreams to explore and search his memories for the reason Maddox has cut himself off from the world and to eventually help him open back up.

Status: In Production
Website: N/A